Tuesday, January 3, 2012

art dump 1

 I haven't painted in a long while. I used to enjoy painting  a lot before I went to art school... where I met people who are waaaaaay better than me in drawing and painting haha. But that's not a bad thing-- my friends and  learned from each other and it made me do my best. I still have unfinished paintings, some blank canvasses, oil paints in my art trunk and a few dried up acrylics in my room. I don't know when I'll get the courage to hold a brush again but really do miss painting traditionally. 

In the meantime, here are some digital drawings that I made in the past weeks. I'm still not used to holding/controlling the pen and I don't have a definite style but I know I'll get used to it with some practice ;;

Mr.Semaphore looking so gentlemanly

I started painting the left part of the face using the mouse coz I couldnt find my tablet's pen. Then I found the pen under the couch so now the face is complete lol. I like painting distorted faces. My parents hate it but I love it :3

These are my buddies:


Ok, till next post. I'm already drafting some ideas for the next issue of Pico Props Magazine. Happy New Year! :D/

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last day of June

I haven't been playing because of work. Plus I just realized that  I have the toughest luck in the pico world... my computer crashed (again) with 90% of the 3rd issue of Pico Props Magazine. So that means I have to start over again T^T.  *cries forever*. I got my computer fixed and upgraded and now it's faster than ever and it doesn't hang anymore. Ahh, thank you Mr.Technician! 

Well anyway, yesterday I tried plugging my tablet and it miraculously decided to cooperate with me so I tried to draw on SAI. This is my buddy Toffeepops. I painted her avatar based on some of the pictures on her blog XD. It sucks that my hand's gotten so rusty in digital painting/drawing. Good thing I can still draw manually on paper ^^; maybe I just need more practice.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I'll fix this darn blog's layout when I have the time lol.

I wish a watermelon fruit would just roll by itself from some magical place into my doorstep. I don't like the hot humid summer weather so a cold slice of watermelon would really make me feel better. ;__;